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Fascinating Facts

Welcome to Lochaber Geopark

Filte gu pirc-gedha Loch Abair

The Lochaber area is renowned for Ben Nevis and for its spectacular scenery. The aim of Lochaber Geopark is to raise awareness of the extraordinary story behind the formation of the local landscape. Find out here about some of the amazing geological events which have shaped this part of the Highlands, watch a fascinating video on how Ben Nevis was formed or join us on our popular Rock Safaris.

The Highest Mountain

Highest Mountain

Ben Nevis attracts large numbers of visitors mainly because, at 1,344m (4406ft), it is the highest mountain in the British Isles. What is not so well known is that the mountain is an eroded caldera. The summit rocks were once 600m (2000ft) higher!

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Mountain Building

Many of the rocks that make up Lochaber were originally laid down some 800 million years ago as sediments at the bottom of a great sea. Around 460 million years ago these same sediments were squeezed and folded to create the mighty Caledonian mountain chain.

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